Guru Purnima 2017

Guruji's Message

Noopur rocked!

Charu's student Noopur's first public performance was a hit! 

I do not know where and how to begin!  The celebration last Sunday was matchless.  I could not say anything negative about it. Everything  ran smoothly and everybody took their responsibilities seriously.  I have been concerned about this celebrations but by the end I was most happy.  As a mater of fact, I slept so soundly that I woke up way past by routine time. ( I don’t want to embarrass myself  by telling you the time I got up!)

Please send this message to all those who made this celebration an exceptional occasion  Thank you and than you and THANK YOU.




PS: I did forgot to mention that please keep yourself  manasah vaca’ha karmana clean and you will be always happy.

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